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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 22:20

Fiona Dunbar

 In this book there are two sisters called Rorie and Elsie. One day their parents disappear and their cruel uncle wants to keep them so he can get the money when their great grandma dies, instead of the girls dad.The grandma has a very bad memory, so he tries to trick the grandma into thinking he is their dad. He decides that they must stay at his horrible boarding school that he is the headmaster of. While they are there they find out some incredible things.

One day Rorie forgot to wash her washing, so she asked a girl called Caroline who shared a dormitory with her to borrow one of her shirts. When they are in a lesson about what happened in their holidays, Rorie wrote about what Caroline did in her holidays. When she looks in a mirror she finds out she looks just like Caroline.....

 I think this book is great because mysterious things happpen and there are lots of mysteries to be solved. I think this book is aimed at girls and is for eight to eleven year olds.

Age: 9
Latchmere School