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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 19:54

Jaqueline Wilson

 Charlie has 2 friends and they both fall in love with a pop group. Charlie is popular with her class except for one boy, Jamie Edwards. Charlie finds him very annoying and doesn't like him, but in the end they become friends. Charlie's mum loses her job so she gets another job looking after a boy named Robin. Robin has a toy bird called Birdy and he is a robin too.

 One day Charlie, her mum, Robins dad and Robin go to a theme park. Charlie's mum and Robin's dad go to the the love ride and they look over the whole crowd kissing. Charlie tells Robin that his dad won't need him anymore and he gets scared. That night Robin goes missing and is finally found in the park. Charlie thinks it's her fault and starts crying. In the end it's all better and a happy ending!

 I thought the book was a great book and I really recommend it, especially the pictures, they are really funny. This could probably be for any age. 

Age: 8
Latchmere School