Dolphin Diaries: Into the Blue Print
Saturday, 14 February 2009 12:20

Lucy Daniels

 Dolphin Diaries is  about a girl called Jody McGrath.She goes on a trip to Florida for her summer holiday to learn and see graceful dolphins with her mum who is called Gina,dad called Craig and her twin brothers.When the McGrath's got on the boat Jody saw her school friends who came to say goodbye to her for that they would not see her for a while and her twin brothers also saw their friends.After a while the captain's daughter Brittany arrived to see him and she said"Mum said she can't look after me this summer holiday so she wants you to." Then the captain and Brittany have a big argument that everyone on board could hear.

 The book is a great hit and I would definitely add it to a list of great books(if I had one).The book has a wonderful cover so if you don't like dolphins the cover will definetly change your mind,just like it changed mine.The best points were when Jody hugged her best friends before she got on the boat which was quite emotional and when Brittany said her dad should take her to an island and leave her just because she had a credit card,it made me laugh so much I got goosebumps all over my body mostly my arms.I would rate it a 10,000 out of 10,000 and I think people 6 to 16 should read it but anyone can and believe me IT WILL BLOW YOU OFF YOUR FEET!

Age: 9
Latchmere Junior School