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Wednesday, 14 January 2009 21:02


E. B. White

 Wilbur is a lucky little pig. He is saved from the clutches of death by a little girl called Fern. Fern raises Wilbur until her father sends him to live on Mr Zuckerman's farm.

 At Zuckerman's Farm, Wilbur learns all kinds of new lessons, such as how to talk and the meaning of life in the farmyard. Unfortunately, that meaning becomes a reality for WIlbur as he is faced by death's clutches once more. This time he has the benefit of true friendship in the form of a spider named Charlotte on his side. But will this be enough to save his life?


 Charlotte's Web is a timeless story looking at the harsh reality of farmlife. It is also a beautiful tale of love and friendship, overcoming obstacles and how gullible humans are. 

 E.B White is a wonderful writer and has a real talent for bringing his charecters to life. From the lovable pig, Wilbur, to the loathesome rat, Templeton (who does come good in the end), each animal has their own distinct personality that you cannot help but love. My favourite character is the ridiculous goose who has a problem with repetition.

 The plot is very moving and will make you celebrate the true value of a real friend. Charlotte loves Wilbur so deeply that, even though she knows her own life is fading, she works hard and gives her all to save his.

 Despite the serious issue of life and death in this book, there are some very funny moments, such as the goose's crazy spelling. I would challenge anyone who reads this, boy or girl, young or old to ever look at farm animals in the same way again. This  story is a triumph.




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