The One and Only Ivan Print
Sunday, 26 April 2015 15:24

Katherine Applegate

 Ivan is a Gorilla who has been stuck in a small cage at a mall. Since being captured from the Jungle as a baby he has been lonely and without any other Gorillas. He has a couple friends in cages next to him. An Elephant and a dog. Ivan is very sweet but he is sad. He is a strong Silverback Gorilla but has no one to protect. One day a baby elephant is brought to their mall and Ivan makes a promise to get this elephant to a zoo. Ivan is creative and we read how he tries to help his friend and keep his promise. What is really cool about this book is Ivan is a real Gorilla and this is mostly a true story inspired by him.

 I was hooked on this book from the moment I opened it. I loved reading a book from a Gorillas perspective and learning a little more about how Gorillas think. Some of the book shows you how wonderful people can be and some shows you how they can be greedy and not care about others. This book was sweet and you fall in love with the characters. This book is for kids 7 and up. Even my mom loved this book! Every time I couldn't find it my mom had snuck it to read for herself. This book won the Newbery award.


Age: 8
Victoria Elementary

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