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Sunday, 26 April 2015 15:08

Raina Telgemeier

 In this book we follow Raina. She is having fun with her friends till she falls down and knocks her two front teeth out! She goes to an EMERGENCY dentist appointment. Her teeth are put in a cast and that is where her troubles begin. From there she is dealing with constant problems with her teeth and has to go to school where kids call her a Vampire and worse, because of what she looks like. This book shows you how Raina deals with mean kids, dental drama and even cute boys. This book is a Graphic novel so there are tons of pictures that bring the story to life.

 This book is so AWESOME! I laughed out loud so much. You also feel bad for Raina when kids are mean to her and she feels bad about herself. But then you cheer for her when she stands up for herself and you watch her family take care of her. Kids from 6 to 10 will love this book, or anyone who has had to go through their own dental drama. This book is easy to read and fast paced and I have read it many times.
Happy Reading :)


Age: 8
Victoria Elementary, USA

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