Through My Window Print
Tuesday, 20 January 2009 21:12

Tony Bradman and Eileen Brown

 Jo wakes up one morning feeling unwell and has to stay at home for the day with her father whilst her mother goes to work. Jo’'s mother promises to bring Jo a present when she returns that evening, so Jo spends most of the day looking through the window, waiting for her mother to return home with her special gift.
  This is a very simple tale about a little girl waiting for her mother to return home from work with a gift, and whilst she waits, Jo is visited throughout the day by her friends from the local community, who are all from varying and different cultural and racial backgrounds. Subsequently, underneath this simple tale, author Tony Bradman is able to celebrate multiculturalism and promotes racial and cultural unity.
 This picturebook is colorfully illustrated and will keep younger readers entertained.
Guest reviewer:
Shehrazade Emmambokus
PhD student and part-time English Lecturer at Kingston University. 

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