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The Secret Seven PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 February 2009 23:03

Enid Blyton

 There is a group called the Secret Seven and they want a mystery to solve or an adventure to discover. There is a crooked old house in the snow and the secret seven get suspicious of the owner of that house. The seven think that there is a prisoner in the house or is there?

 I think that this is a really good book because it leaves loads of cliffhangers and questions which makes you want to read on! So if you like adventure and mystery stories then this is a great book for you!!!

Age: 9
Latchmere School

Utterly me, Clarice Bean PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 February 2009 17:42

Lauren Child

 Clarice Bean goes on an adventure to prove that one of the boys in her class (who is very naughty and gets blamed for everything) didn't steal the book winners cup. She and her best friend Betty Moody try to become spies like the girl in their favourite books, Ruby Redfort.

 I think this book was really funny and entertaining. I couldn't put it down. This book is for children age 8 and up (year 3 and over). 5/5

Age: 9

The Twins at St. Claires PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 February 2009 17:39

Enid Blyton

 In this hilarious book two iron - willed identical twns called Pat and Isabel are about to go to High School. They want to go to Redroofs, a school with exclusive items only for posh children and really rich parents. Their parents disagree and send them to an ordinary school called St. Claires. They do not want them "Turning their nose up at everything" as they describe. As the twins set off for St. Claires they are determined to show who they are and what they can do. This book takes you on a fun, witty and enjoyable trip you will never forget.

 This book altogether is absolutely incredible!! It is recommended for all ages up to twelve. It describes a fun witty and enjoyable trip never to forget. There is a series follow on, and the books all keep you hooked. It is such an amazing book. 5/5

Age: 10
Latchmere Juniors

Private Peaceful PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 20 February 2009 18:09

Michael Morpurgo

 Thomas Peaceful is re-telling the story of his life as every second goes by. It starts from his childhood up to the battlefields of the World War, along with his brother, Charlie Peaceful. Tommo also has a brother called Big Joe who can get up to all sorts of funny mischief. Oh, and how could I forget this character: Molly. She is a very likeable girl between Thomas and Charlie and the 3 of them spend their childhood coming back from school, blowing raspberries, and that sort of stuff. Mrs. Peaceful ( Charlie and Thomas' mother) is a very kind widow. I forgot to tell you that Thomas was along with his father when a tree was about to fall on him, but his father saved him, risking his own life.

 I enjoyed reading this book but it was so emotional that it made me cry. It is also very humourous in certain places, that make your stomach ache after laughing too much! Although do keep in mind that children under 8 will possibly not understand SOME parts in the book and get confused. I would recommend this book for years 4, 5, 6 and onwards. I rate this book 9.8/10 because I thought that it was a great book but could be improved a tiny tiny bit. But that doesn't mean that you can think that: ' If it's not 10/10 I'm not gonna read it' . This book is really good and even adults can read it so everyone out there, tell your parents to read, ' Private Peaceful ' After YOU have read it FIRST!

Age: 10

The Princess Diaries PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 19 February 2009 20:58

Meg Cabot

 Princess diaries is a really good book: the main character, Mia, finds out that she is the princess of Genovia. Unlike some girls, who would dream of being a princess, Mia is completely annoyed with her Grandmother and Father for never telling her. In this book Mia, who was not pleased at first, finally accepts that one day she will sit at the throne.

 We really enjoyed this book and we would recommend it to girls in year four and above. The plot is a good one and we are sure that it would appeal to this age group. However Meg Cabot (the author) has written many other books: some suited to older or younger readers. This book was great and we highly recommend it.

Katharine and Lily
Age: 10 and 11


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