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Thursday, 12 February 2009 21:37


 This is a story about  friendship and a group of four girls named Amy, Charlotte, Nicole and Grace.They are very jealous of a girl called Binah who they believe to be pretty and stuck-up. When a fairy godmother on a sleepover show's them what Binah's life is really like whilst they are sleeping they change their minds, feel sorry for her and decide they really must be her friend. In reality, Binah must do a lot of chores around the house. This makes the girls very grateful for what they have and feel ashamed for the way they treated Binah. In the end they all become the best of friends!

 I thought it was a fantastic story. I really enjoyed reading the book because it has a moral message that we should not judge someone when we don't know all about their life or what they might be going through. Friendship is important. I really liked the pictures in the book and the outfits the girls wore.


Age: 7

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