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Thursday, 12 February 2009 19:21

Corneilia Funke

 A girl called Igraine has all ways dreamed to be a knight like her great uncle.She is growing up in a family of magicians, they are the best magicians known and have some books called the singing books of magic who sing to spells and are alive.But when making Igraine birthday present of armour (that grows with her) the parents turn themselves into pigs! Igraine has to get some giants hairs to turn them back but there is an enemy.He is called Osmund the Greedy or Osmund the Great (depends who's speaking!!) and his castellan who wears armour with metal spikes on!.they are going to attack to castle of Pimpernel (were they live) so Igraine has to hurry! will she get back in time??

 I think this book is a great fantasy story and I recommend it to you. It has great imagination and you never know whats on the next it suggest it for all ages hope you enjoy reading it (if you do).

Age: 8
Latchmere School

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