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Thursday, 12 February 2009 19:00

Cathy Cassidy

 Gingersnaps is a really good book with an unusual but exciting plot. Ginger (the main character) is a girl who is thought of as 'cool' but she knows that secretly she is pretending to be someone she isn't. After a rough time a primary school Ginger -who's now in year eight- is starting to realise who she really is. She has met a boy who she really likes but her friends dissaprove because this boy, Sam, doesn't care what other people think: he wears a beanie hat and plays his saxaphone in the corridor but hates the fact that Ginger pretends he's not there when she's at school. Can she pretend she's someone she's not forever?

 Gingersnaps was one of the many good books I think Cathy Cassidy has written. I think perhaps that this book may be more suited to girls and you have to have an aquired taste to read it: also I think that people in year six and above should read this book because it deals with subjects that younger people may not enjoy and may fail to grasp certain subjects. Some of its good points deal with real life subjects that people may come across and as well as being a good book it gives you good advice too. Other books by Cathy Cassidy that I enjoyed are sundae girl and lucky star.

Age: 11
Latchmere school

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