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Thursday, 12 February 2009 18:54

Jacqueline Wilson

 Midnight is about a girl called Violet who has a brother, Will. Will is her best friend, her enemy and her sort-of brother all at the same time. Actually, Will is not related to Violet by blood relations. He's not related at all! When she was a miniscule little baby, Will stole her first smile. Her first laugh. Her first hug. Violet sort of thinks Will is a bit magical. She loves Casper Dreams' fairy stories ever since she first received a new book for her birthday, The Smokey Fairy. Violet thinks a new girl in her class is really... cool(but a bit strange), but will things stay right if she leaves Will and Jasmine in the same room?

 I think that the book builds up a lot of suspense and some parts are really funny, like when Will uses his father's credit card number from the top of his head. In one part they find a a really bad secret and in the other someone runs away. It's great, for all tweens (6-16). I'm rating it five out of five. Well Done Jacqueline!

Age: 10
Latchmere School

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