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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 22:39

Fiona Dunbar

 Rorie and Elsie Silk's parents have mysteriously disappeared. Now their guardian is Nolita Newbuck, undisputed queen of the fashion world. Rorie and Elsie are having the time of their lives, when Rorie discovers that Nolita has a connection with the people who may have kidnapped their parents. Elsie and Rorie have no choice but to run away. But things become difficult: nothing and no-one are what they seem...

 This is a brilliant book for readers 10+. Full of twists and turns, it never fails to surprise the reader. It is set in the future, so it's fun to see all the gadgets that the author has added. However, I would read the first book in the series, 'Pink Chameleon' (there is a review for that book on this site) first, as otherwise you may get confused. 4/5

Age: 11

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