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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 17:18
Caroline Lawrence

 Its about four friends who live in Roman times. It is an adventure story.The four friends are called: Flavia, Nubia, Lupus and Jonathon.They live in Ostia
 Flavia is a captain's daughter and her surname is Gemini, which is a bit weird because it means twin. Castor and Polux are twins and run down their family
Jonathon is  Doctor Mordecai's son.They thought his mother had died, but she hadn't. Jonathon has a sister named Miriam. They come from Jerusalem. All I could say about them was that his sister might get married.
You can't really say much about Lupus, he has no family apart from his mum and
grandma. Lupus can't talk because  his tongue was cut off. There are lots of secrets surrounding Lupus.
 Nubia is a slave girl. She is very honest and adores horses. When Flavia bought her, she tried to escape. Flavia made Nubia freeborn.

 I thought I wouldn't like it, but I  have enjoyed all of the  series of books.The Roman mysteries book would be good for all ages.

Age: 9
Latchmere school

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