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Sunday, 08 February 2009 19:34


Saci Lloyd

 Laura Brown is a teenager in Britain 2015. She has all kinds of stuff to deal with; a dysfunctional family, sulky and difficult friends, the pain of unrequited love, trouble with teachers and trying to make a success of her band. All of these problems are compounded by ensuing climate chaos and the advent of personal carbon rationing as a response. Britain is leading the way in Europe following a tragic storm in 2012 when over 8000 people died.  Laura chronicles everyday teenage angst alongside bitter winters, floods, droughts and water and power shortages and the reader gets to see these world changing events through the lens of the mundane and daily happenings in the Brown family. The adults here seem as confused as the adolescents and, although they try to take back control, they are in uncharted waters and their children soon recognise this.

 This book brings home very clearly how quickly society can shift with many of the things we now take for granted suddenly becoming scarce. The science underpinning this possible future is well considered and doesn’t pull any punches with regard to how soon the impacts of climate change may be felt. Despite this difficult message, Saci Lloyd has written a book that is both serious and humorous at the same time, and created a memorable heroine in Laura, whose dry wit and understandable confusion and exasperation with the world around her is vividly brought to life. Some of the funniest moments in the book relate to Laura’s parents attempts to ‘find themselves’ and the embarrassment they cause to their daughters in the process.The message of this book is unsparing and bleak yet leaves you with a sense of optimism as communities are reunited and humanity shines through. Laura Brown could well become the Adrian Mole for a post-carbon society.




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Charlotte Revely

Programme Director

National School of Government

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