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Thursday, 05 February 2009 20:07

Helen Cooper

 Everyday Duck, Cat and Squirrel make pumpkin soup. Each animal has their own job to do. One day, however, Duck decides it would be fun to try out doing somebodyelse's job and a big argument ensues, causing Duck to walk out.

 In Duck's absence, Cat and Squirrel begin to regret the argument and start to imagine all sorts of terrible things that might have happened to their friend. They agree that when Duck returns he should be granted his wish to try new tasks. But will it end peacefully.

 Pumpkin soup is a delightful book. The story itself is quite sweet, showing the importance of taking turns and supporting your friends. The cat and squirrel's reactions to the disappearance of their friend are touching. It is the beautiful illustrations, however, that really make this book such a winner. Even without the words one could still appreciate the story. Page by page the pictures highlight the cat and squirrel's fears for Duck, even though the text is not explicit.

 I would recommend this book to both boys and girls from around three upwards, though younger toddlers may still enjoy looking at the pictures.  A perfect bedtime story!


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