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Saturday, 17 January 2009 16:27

Robert Swindells


 Link is homeless. After being driven out of his home by a heartless stepfather, he finds himself struggling to survive the cruel streets of London. It is only when he makes friends with Ginger that he learns what it takes to get by. But what will he do when Ginger disappears in strange circumstances?

 Before long he forms a too good to be true relationship with a fellow dosser called Gail. Can true love prevail in a cold gloomy doorway? As if this isn't hard enough, to further complicate things, Link must also deal with the serial killer, Shelter, who is intent on adding him to the ranks of his 'horizontal army'.  


 Stone Cold is a gem of a novel, giving the reader an insight into the harsh realities of life on the streets. It pulls no punches, describing the pain, hunger and fear that goes with being homeless. Through Link, the reader is forced to challenge their own attitude towards beggars and consider the circumstances that might have pushed someone to such drastic measures,  Swindells shows a real understanding of the dangers faced by young people living rough, including violence, aggression and disdain, even from the general public. It is not a lifestyle people would turn to through choice.

 Swindells is very clever in the way that he uses both Link and Shelter to narrate the plot. With the writing of a military style log, the reader gets a scary insight into Shelter's mind, not a pretty place! It also allows the reader to see both sides of the situation, and builds up suspense and excitement in knowing what is planned for Link before he does.

 This is an excellent text with a strong social message. It is aimed at 12 - 14 year old readers, with a possible leaning towards the male reader. Though that is not to say that it wouldn't also be enjoyed by girls too.  This is a thought provoking story and is definitely worth a read.




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