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Sunday, 26 April 2015 15:23

Cece Bell

 Cece was a regular girl till she was four and got Meningitis. When she was able to leave the Hospital and go home she was so happy until she realized she couldn't hear! She has to get a special hearing aid that looks funny and sounds funny. She has to learn to read lips and even worse this is how she has to start school! Cece becomes shy and embarrassed and confuses words that people say. Cece decides she wishes she were a Super Hero El Deafo! In fact, she even has a real super power!

 I loved reading about Cece's trials at school and making friends. It was so funny to read the mistakes she would make when trying to figure out what people are saying. It is especially wonderful to see how she accepts herself and how others accept her. This book is so fun. It is a graphic novel so if you loved 'Smile' or 'Rapunzel's Revenge' You will love this book about a strong character who faces her challenges. I loved El Deafo! This book is for ages 7 and up. Everyone will enjoy reading this true story about a girl in elementary school.


Age: 8
Victoria Elementary, USA

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