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Friday, 20 March 2009 09:26

Andy Stanton

 Set in the main lands of London, this is a humorous book about a homeless man called Mr Gum who meets a biscuit billionaire. So he and his friend, Billy the Butcher, try to steal his money. Mr Gum thinks as a result this will equal fame and fashion for him and Billy the Butcher. But Billy's niece (Sophie) says there is no point and tries to stop them because the biscuit billionaire is Sophie's best friend.

 This is a brilliant book and it made me laugh (especially the chapter where Mr Gum had a cup of tea and a carrot). I think anyone age over 7 will enjoy the humour and the fantastic rhymes in each chapter. It is written in lovely style and it really is aimed at young children like myself! IT IS REALLY FUNNY AND I'M SURE YOU WILL ENJOY READING IT!

Age: 11
Green Lane Primary and Nursery School

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