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Wednesday, 18 March 2009 09:41

Michael Hoeye

 This action-packed book is about a watch-maker mouse called Hermux. He owns a pet ladybird called Terfle, and has a best friend named Linka(she is also a mouse). Now that Linka has gone abroad with a friend he feels terribly lonely. But then his arch enemy; Tucka, is plotting to take over a theatre where a stage star has gone missing. Hermux (who likes an adventure) gets a job as a backdrop designer at the theatre. Can he find out what is going on? Can he stop Tucka and find out who really is the star of the stage, before its to late?

 I really enjoyed this book - I couldn't put it down and I sat on the edge of my seat throughout it! This story is a real page turner and I definitely recommend it. It is probably suitable for Year 5 and 6 but without a doubt; 10/10.


Age: 11
Latchmere School

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