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Monday, 02 March 2009 21:10

Jacqueline Wilson

 This book is about an 11 year old girl, Charlotte (but everyone calls her Charlie). In class Charlie has a new teacher and she makes the children sit in girl, boy order. Due to Miss Beckworth, Charlie has to sit next to the most horrible boy in the class.They have also been set a home project to do which Charlie hates. The Victorians. Over the year Charlie discovers new exciting things that she never knew before in and out of school. She makes new friends but she has moments where she almost loses them forever. Her attitude changes and she actually writes a new, exciting diary of a Victorian servant and finally tries in class. But the question is which friends will she keep? And which will she lose forever?

 This book is exciting and heart-warming. Because you don't know what happens next it is stomach churning and it makes your heart start beating fast. Everything in this book is brilliant there are no bad parts. Its nice because there are lots of things to learn from this book. I like the illustrations because they are fascinating to stare at. This book can also inspire many children to keep a diary or write a book since you can write down your thoughts and ideas. I rate this book 4/5 because it can make you happy but also upset. This story should be for children 8,9 or over.


Age: 10
Latchmere School

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