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Sunday, 01 March 2009 18:23

Michael Foreman

 It's set in world war two. It is written in the first person,by a boy called Michael. It tells you about what the war would have been like for a young boy. It tells you the adventures he had, the stories he was told and the people he met. It also has lots of pictures drawn by the author. His Mum owns a corner shop and alot of soldiers go in there, so he gets to make friends with many of them.

 I thought the book had a really good ending, although it was a bit sad. I really enjoyed reading it because it has lots of humour which is really funny. It is also a great book because it's for adults and children. Michael Foreman is really clever how he can be really funny one minute, then the next, he makes it serious and reminds you that there's a war going on. I really liked this book and I thoroughly recommend it for age 9+.


Age: 11
Latchmere School

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