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Saturday, 14 February 2009 20:15

Jacqueline Wilson

 Jayni is a girl who has to face an awful lot from her cruel farther. Early on in the story, Jayni's mum (Nikki) enters the lottery and wins a lot of money. Kenny (Jayni's younger brother), Nikki and Jayni run away and hide from Jayni and Kenny's father as they are scared that he will harm them and their future. When they run away they decide on new names for themselves, Jayni's is Lola Rose.

 When I read this book, it whisked me off my feet as I felt the things Jayni (Lola Rose) and her family experienced. This book would be for older year fives and year sixes as some of the themes are quite grown up. I would love other children to enjoy this excellent book as much as I did!

Age: 10
Latchemere School

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