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Saturday, 14 February 2009 12:37

Gyenth Rees

 Esmie really wants to know about her mum who died when she was born. When a new girl arrives at Esmie's school called Navanda and tells Esmie she has psychic powers, Esmie asks Nevanda if she could tell her a bit about her mum. Meanwhile while Esmie is with Nevanda, Esmie's brother Matthew is hanging out with his best friend Jake and they are up to some naughty tricks!!! Spray painting cars, painting the school sine and all sorts of crazy stuff. When Esmie's dad finds out about what Matthew is doing he is furious and tells Matthew he is grounded until further notice. But what about his date with Jennifer? If he misses it she might get back with her stupid ex-boyfriend Jake he will be doomed!!! he has to figure out a way to go out with Jennifer... but how?

 This book is an amazing book. I couldn't keep my eyes of it for long. it was so gripping and I had to read on no matter what. I love it when at the end of a chapter it says, "But will Esmie find out about her mum..." I just hate it when I am about to get to the good part and I have to go to bed, ahhhhhhhh!!! I would give this book 9/10 because its a great book.


Age: 10
Latchmere School

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