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Friday, 13 February 2009 21:06

William Nicholson

 In this book Bowman the only son of the prophet is told that him and his sister Kestral must sing the fire song.With help of the one of the singer people ( jumper)Bowman and Kestral learn how to fly and go on lots of amazing adventures! Fire song is the last book of the wind on fire trilogy.The first book is called "wind singer" and the second is called the "slaves of the mastery".Of all of the books I think that "Fire song"is the most mysterious and adventurous whereas "Wind singer"is the most exciting.

 I think that fire song is aimed at years 4,5 and 6.Some of the words are very hard and I have learnt a new word which is placid and means calm and relaxed.The best bit of the book is definitely the end but I won't tell you what happens because it would give the game away. Out of 10 I would give it 11! All together this is a brilliant and completely stunning book!


Age: 9
latchmere school

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